Three Weeks

Over the course of the next twenty-one or so days, I have three exams, all spread out a week apart and all on Wednesdays. “That’s not bad at all,” you may say, but you would most likely be wrong. Let me explain:

Classical Mechanics I – Feb. 11 – While normally I don’t fret about anything relating to Physics, I really need to do well in this course. I mean, a solid 4-point before the final where I would need to get a 30% to retain that 4-point well. As such, and since my first two homeworks haven’t gone exactly to plan, this first exam is critical. Plus, I’m a Physics major. I should be doing well in my Physics courses, right?

Linear Algebra – Feb. 18 – This is the first math course where I’ve had to focus on it and try, along with part of Calculus III. It’s just vastly different than my past two years of math courses, plus it includes proofs which I haven’t done in the past four years (and those were for Geometry, which I don’t think counts). There’s a lot of information and a ton of little tricks to worry about, which makes it all the more worse.

Biology II – Feb. 25 – For those that are around me closely, this is definitely the worst. I’ve been studying for it for the past couple of days, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to learn/understand all of the information before the exam. This exam is also kind of weird: we get essay questions a week before that we need to answer and turn in as part of our grade, then we get fifty minutes to re-answer two of those questions on the actual exam date. And this is for a Biology exam. I don’t even know what questions will be asked, since my professor is a leading researcher on Cystic Fibrosis, plus he doesn’t really teach us anything during lecture.

I may also have an Astrophysics exam somewhere in there, but since that class is so unorganized I won’t know until maybe a week or two before. In all likelihood, it will come right before my Biology exam, just because that’s the kind of luck I have.


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