The New Semester

For those that don’t know, Biology is controlling my life. I spent my birthday working on Biology when I wasn’t having dinner with my family or taking a nap because my brain hurt from Biology. Then, add all of that stress and work onto my other classes, which include a high-level Physics course, Linear Algebra, an Astrophysics course, and an extra two credits worth of labs, and you have my life.

Yes, I signed up for all of these classes, so I have nothing to complain about. I enjoy all of them as well, so the work I need to do isn’t even really work, per say. It’s more like “brain push-ups,” to quote Mr. Kane, but push-ups that completely drain my body and mind when I’m done. It definitely helps with my sleep problems.

I’ve also applied for Physics internships for the summer, so my normal three-month break from educational endeavors won’t exist this year. Again, I like it, so I won’t really view it as work. That’s always good if it is something that you’re doing voluntarily.

I also just witnessed the 100-yard interception return for a touchdown in Sparty’s, which has become almost a second home. Now back to homework…

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