LB 119 and Life After People

Today, as a Tuesday, was Calculus recitation, the first for the year, in fact. New semester, different course (Briggs Calculus II), and a majority of new students. Yes, a handful were the same, and I knew some of them from before, but for the most part they were new. My section has a lot more students than last semester, so it will probably take longer to learn all of their names.

Recitation went well. They loosened up, I think they like me, and it was fun. We just went over growth arguments, which are pretty easy, but none of them asked any questions (aside from, “what’s your favorite color?”). I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it definitely keeps classes shorter.

There was one small hitch: the HPS film series is scheduled to be in my classroom. While this only matters once a month, until it is sorted out, it’s kind of annoying. One guy walked in to the room around 6:55, and I said something like, “woah, way to show up. Just take a seat.” He responded with, “oh, I’m here for the movie.” I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Then, the person running it came in as I was finishing up, and we talked about how stupid it was to schedule them at the same time.

She also said that I must be good at what I do, based on what she overheard the students saying. That makes me feel good.

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