East Lansing

After a break that was both too long and too short, I am back at Michigan State University for the semester. Move in was fine, aside from the idiot other people. We just finished taking all of my stuff up to my room (it took two trips with just my dad and I) and we’re leaving the front circle drive. Of course, we can’t drive anywhere because someone decided to park in the middle of the drive, right in front of the doors, and open all of their doors and truck and haul stuff up. Of course, no one was left in the car, so it just sat there with four plus cars stuck behind it. We did some tricky maneuvering to turn around, then got some Menna’s.

I then unpacked. It wasn’t much, mostly just plugging things in, filling our fridge with Canada Dry and Dr Pepper, and putting all of my clothes away. Once that was done, I spent $400 on my books for this semester, not including the two lab manuals I still need to buy and the two books that I got to keep for this semester (for Biology and Astrophysics). It wasn’t that bad, and thankfully all of my books were there.

Once I returned, I played some guitar before helping three of my friends move their things in. It was nice seeing them, and we’re getting together tonight for some dinner, just to catch up with everyone and have one last good meal before the cafeterias open tomorrow.

All in all, not a bad move-in day.

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