A little late, but does that even matter? Of course not!

So my Christmas was pretty sweet. We started on Christmas Eve with a BBQ ribs lunch, followed by a White Elephant sort of gift exchange within my family on my mom’s side, followed by mass, followed by a prime rib and crab leg dinner. On Christmas Day, we opened presents in the morning and spent the entire day in pajamas, including my dad.

There a quite a few present highlights. I got a Kustom 12A Tube amp, a ton of gift cards, some pretty sweet movies (Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, and Wall-e, among others), Season Two of Arrested Development, and some other small things. I bought some clothes, a new cable for my guitar, and some books as well.

Also, as a family, we got Guitar Hero: World Tour. It is awesome! I think my mom likes it the best, but I’m not sure. Right now, we can play with everything but the singer, but since no one really likes to sing I think it’s fine. I play Expert, so when my parents are watching us play all they say is, “It’s going so fast! How do you do that?” among other things. Same with my younger sister.

It was a good holiday.

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