Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Return

Well, after removing my original blog due to some misinterpreted comments that I made, I’ve decided to bring it back up and start with a clean plate. Clean plates are my favorite kind, as I don’t really like mud, dirt, soot, ash, rubble, debris, toxic waste, fecal matter, or tar on my plates. Everything else is fair game.

So, quick updates on me. Currently, Moonshot is sitting at 24 191 words, or roughly 85 pages when chapter breaks are included. Not too bad, especially for not working on it for months. I just recently (read: this past Sunday) started working on it again, and hopefully I can get more done and soon. I’m getting really excited about it again, to the point where I wrote a Constitution for the primary colony/country of the novel (Pacifica).

My Warhammer 40k army has also seen action. I’ve started playing games with Ryan, a guy I met last year, recently as well, and I’v begun the home stretch of painting: the last four tanks and fifteen infantry models. That is not much, but when you take into consideration the time I spend on each, I most likely will not be done with that before my Sophomore year is over.

That’s taking into consideration school and work, which I’m grouping together. My grades right now are sitting 3.5/4.0 for every class, which is great. I really need to do well this semester, as it affects my employment and future plans. I also want to raise my cumulative GPA above a 3.5, and after this semester it will be crazy-hard to do, just based on my elapsed credits. My job as a Calculus LA has been fine as well; today I led a review session for roughly one-third of the students under my professor, which is pretty sweet. They also like me, so much where they threatened rebellion should I not lead their recitation one week.

My subsequent posts probably won’t be as long as this one; I just needed to get a lot of things out of head and onto electronic signals, and this is the start-up post after all. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some gravel to remove from my plate.