Ok, I feel like I can post this now that I’ve had two dinners and a third is unlikely. I love eating food; it makes me feel so full and good inside. I even like that I’m home for this little stretch of time, even if it’s just to get away from Holmes and see my family again.

What I don’t like is forgetting my phone charger in my dorm. I didn’t realize it until my Grandma was asking me if I had a phone charger that would fit her phone, and after looking for one I realized that mine was still attached to the surge protector under my desk. I turned off my phone then and there, saving the last bar of battery life.

Normally I wouldn’t have done that. I probably would’ve let it die, then been incommunicado for the rest of the weekend. Well, I strangely needed my phone this weekend. From going to frisbee games, picking up siblings, meeting up with friends, and everything else, I needed that last bar to count.

So, I’ve been turning my phone on and off even six hours or so, just to check my messages and everything, and so far it has already come in handy. I wouldn’t be going ice skating tomorrow, nor would I know about my friend’s Thanksgiving that she thankfully survived, so a fundamental lack in teloperations for most of the day has paid off.

Now I just need to last to Monday morning…

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