Today I taught two Calculus I recitations, back to back. It was ok, since my actual recitation (which was first) is actually a good class that I like. We go through some stuff, and it’s basically a fifty-minute conversation about life with some calc sprinkled in.

The second recitation, however, was not good. One, they saw that I wasn’t their actual LA, so they just wanted to take the quiz and get it over with. Their LA gave me a lesson plan, but I wasn’t going to follow it anyway. I did ask some questions though:
ME: “So, all of you know Riemanns sums?”
ME: “How about integration rules?”
ME: “The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus?”
That’s the one with the derivative, right?
ME: “Yes. Do want me to go over it?”

At that point, I was just tired of teaching, so I just said, “ok, let’s take the quiz then.” The best was after the first person finished really early, I looked at his quiz and said to the class (after he left), “take longer than he did. He did not do well.”

A couple of kids laughed. Success!

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