Wireless Woes

So, I’m sitting in the new Sparty’s in Holmes Hall right now. It is one of the sweetest places on campus, along with the Cyclotron and BPS, but that’s not the point.

I’m a moderator on an online forum, and part of my “job” is making sure that it remains a family site. That means editing out words like “shit” and “fuck” or comments like “it helps me get laid.” It’s kind of annoying, but I wasn’t promoted because I’m lazy and don’t care.

So, one of the members posted a fiction piece, and he included some of the aforementioned themes, so I needed to edit them out. It’s one of the perks; I can edit and delete posts on a whim if I feel like it. I edited his post, which took all of two seconds, but the wireless hasn’t been letting me submit the revised post. I’ve been waiting and refreshing and waiting some more… for an hour… and it still hasn’t submitted. I’m getting pissed off, and I would go and connect to the ethernet in my room, but I have BTB being delivered.

My stomach rules almost everything I do.

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